About Great Security

Great Security delivers intelligent security solutions. We are a responsible and passionate partner, driven to deliver security solutions that suit your needs. And that’s GREAT!

We are one of Sweden’s largest privately owned security companies, with operations throughout the country both locally and nationally, by over 350 employees.

Our vision

A few years ago we received an inquiry from one of Sweden’s largest retail chains, ”we are looking for a private security company to deliver expertise and commitment, who knows how to use and perform its duties using technical solutions as a tool, and not as an end in itself”. Today, this statement serves as a reminder of how we think and design our services.

The fact that Great Security, over a relatively short period of time, has developed into one of Sweden’s largest privately owned security companies with sales of 600 million SEK, confirms that we are on the right track. We’re looking forward to the challenge of improving your company’s security!